Coaching The Maintenance Vehicle Operator II™

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Maintenance Vehicle Driver Training - Classroom

What is Coaching the Maintenance Vehicle Operator 2?

  • A classroom maintenance vehicle driver training course
  • Proven discussion and participation based "Coaching" method of training
  • Key defensive driving concepts including: vehicle inspection, SCC (Scanning, Cushion of Safety, Communicating), Situational Driving inlcuding: operator safety at work site & moving work site, backing, and other special considerations
  • Video presentation featuring driver point of view and situational driving

Why use Maintenance 2?

  • Collision prevention and reduction
  • Risk management and liability protection
  • Onboarding training for new hires and refresher training for experienced operators
  • Insurance reduction (contact your insurance agent)

How does Maintenance 2 work?

  • For our maintenance truck driver safety training, instructors use the fully scripted Instructor’s Guide to conduct step-by-step class presentations that include video, follow-up questions, traffic diagram analysis, and group discussion, and administer the final test and practical evaluation
  • The training takes 4 hours to complete
  • Each instructor needs an instructor kit to implement the training
  • Each student needs one Response Book to write answers to session questions, and analyze situations for group discussion
  • Each response book contains a certificate of completion, to be signed and issued by the instructor conducting the training
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Coaching The Maintenance Vehicle Operator II — Instructor's Kit
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